Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nuff X - When Its Over

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I've known this artist for around a year now and watched him become a very visible member of Soundclick's expanding electronica community. Although I'm not known for my tolerance of straightforward Electronica: Breakbeats, I do like certain kinds of electronica. This antipathy usually has more to do with the kind of drum loops that are employed to make breakbeats, than anything on the part of the musician. I can often find elements within tracks that I do like so that - even if I didn't like the tracks genre or structure - I still have something to gawp at.

Reviewing and watching paint dry are but kissing cousins..

Nuff X and I haven't always seen eye to eye on what constitutes good, but give it up for the guy who keeps trying eh? Although he states on the song comments that this track 'contains elements of Lift by HELLbus (a Must Have, March 2006) I have yet to fully make them out, although When Its Over has the same knowing swagger that Lift is imbued with. What spoils my enjoyment of this track is the thing that dogs me about this genre. Why o fekkin why, do they think that snares should sound like biscuit tins? A snare should snap your head off, and all this one does is buzz in my ears with more irritation than a lowing herd of mozzies. That's a mosquito btw for those who can't seem to understand a word I say.

Funnily enough although I find this whole thing a bit rough technically, I did end up liking the track more than I thought I would. As odd as the vocal is, and how disjointed the various sounds, it definitely has something about it that makes listening a pleasure rather than a chore. The vocal is difficult to make out, being buried in the mix and then under seven feet of various effects but it does give the edge to an already on the brink track. The music fairly careers from note to note as if it were badly in need of brakes and its that almost-out-of-control feeling that sticks and starts becoming the central theme of this odd - but nonetheless - entertaining slice of electronica.

Kill all biscuit tin snares I say. Grrrr.

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