Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mandible - Watermelon Chair

Hear The Track Here

In the short time I have known about Mandible I have learned two things: NEVER listen to their music in the dark or without taking your meds and some people don't like what they do. I like what they do very much, even when the end result is as puzzling as Kamikaze Suduko, and as wacky as George Bush when he's supposed to be serious. I know I have a marked prediliction for the strange but I also like music that is challenging, different in some way. Rock is what Mandible do best, but it ain't like any kind of rock you might want to crawl under; it's influences stretch from classic rock structures into Kiss-alike numbers such as They (and I suggest you have a listen to this track if you don't believe me about the Kiss comment).

Watermelon Chair is a lot more like yer classic rock treatment, complete with original stereophonic mix just like it was back in the day. There's a Zappaesque quality about this track, while being recognisable as something wetly Mandiblised and spewed lovingly into your earholes. It's also a bit coitus interruptus because just when you are starting to get into the rhythm of the thing (if rhythm is a word that can be applied here), it shoots it's load and is lying back smoking a cigarette. Mind you, the 2:28 of its puny frame provides more than a couple of highspots especially if you like your rock to roll, kick your head in and mess with your brain with a fearfully manic song (again, if song is a term that could apply here). The lyrics (if etc...) are not complex and are quite straightforward (if etc....); they go 'what you are doing is not acceptable by the majority. why can't you get along with my brothers?' and I think it would be best if you recognise that their sing-along-ability is a bit lacking.

What isn't lacking, however, is energy. That and splendidly manic innovation and a feel for the genre's bedrock that is so on the money, it'll give you goosebumps. I prefer Mandible's more accessible material but there is no denying that this little (makes a shrugging motion)thing has a charm about it that I am finding hard not to respond to. With its sudden slides from classic rock, through jazzy undertones, heavy metal basslines and drums that have the consistency of tin cans (BIG fekkin tin cans mind...), the more I played this the more I liked it. I think I'm probably a mad keen Mandible fan at this stage, but I can see no reason why others who like to look at things from a different perspective wouldn't get into this just as strongly. When the lyrical section mentioned above comes in especially. After a few plays I have to say that was giving me the musical horn and no mistake. Dare to be different, dare to be masticated by the masters of not-rock-as-we-know-it-Jim...

Freaky deaky or wot? Highly Recommended and a Must Have if you are a fan already.

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