Thursday, April 13, 2006

Burp - Poem For A Centipede

Hear The Track Here

As many of you know, I am the proud father of twin boys. Right now, just coming up to their seventh birthday our days are peppered with words and explanations of words. Rude words are, of course, the dish of the day, the ruder the better. Not as bad as Daddy of course, who is the proud owner of a well known potty mouth, just the normal run of the mill stuff that titillates seven year old minds. So we've been through the gamut of words that have poo in them, endless varieties of animal references (pighead, dogbreath and any combinations thereof) and now their freinds are busily teaching them the REALLY good stuff like fart, snot and - a perrenial favourite - burp. Danny has gone one further than Nathan though because he came home from school lately and showed me his latest trick; ie stuffing his hands rapidly into his mouth and belching to beats. As you can imagine, when they ask me what I am listening to right now, the laughter is endless. 'I'm listening to Burp' says I. Danny then proceeds to give me his version of Burp music while Nathan provides percussion armpits that sound suspiciously like farting noises, all the while regaling me with gleeful cries of 'Daddy's listening to Buuuurrrppps'

It goes without saying that they think they have cracked the secret of what makes Burp's music so interesting...

Dead wrong of course because Burp is a musician like no other, and electronica is the name of the game without a belch, fart or any other bodily sound in sight. God knows what the boys would have done if I had told them what the title of this track was called, so lets not even go there. Burp has long been a favourite SC artist of mine, despite his often vaguer than most outlook (take a look at some of his titles and references for examples) because he does electronica in a way I have heard from no other artist, online or off it. Coming from the country that pretty much invented electronica (Germany) you would expect something different but what you hear is sooooo different, it's positively cruel to make us listen to it. Not because it's so bad but because it fair makes most of us puke that someone could be this good and still live. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Burp is a true original and long may he remain so.

Poem To A Centipede is a wonderful introduction to the wonderful world of Burp if you haven't made this artists acquaintance already. Its blend of rhythm and bleeps is typical Burp fodder and - to my ears - is one of his better works; accessible, incredibly detailed from the getgo and a lot more fun than practising rude words with my boys. Even that gets a bit wearing after a while, whereas I have been playing this track almost constantly for about a week and I'm still digging nuggets out of it. The range of material Burp tackles is truly one of the wonders of the world, and Poem is one of the best tracks I have heard from this artist in a good while. Tell ya what, listen to the first twenty seconds and I guarantee that you will do two things: listen to the rest of it and then download it.

It is that good, Burp at his rhythmic finest. MUST HAVE.

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