Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Siiren Siiren Siiren - Out Of My Brain

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I had to squidge my eyes up like that too when I first noticed this artists name. Definitely got the wtf-gotta-give-that-a-second-glance number down, which - I suppose - is the whole point of the exercise. A new artist to me Siiren Mikell (as we'll call him for convenience) hails from Atlanta GA and is a R&B/Soul artist who gives you (bold claim this...) 'music at its best'. Music at its best is - to me anyway - is something that reaches a certain production standard backed up by a top class performance that just can't be heard anywhere else, and as I said, that's a real hard target to hit even if you've been doing this forever. Still, I'm nitpicking again, alls I'm trying to say is that making claims like this kinda demands that you back it up properly. So is Siiren foolhardy or so suure (sorry, I warned you about the squinty thing) of what he's doing that it is what he says it is.

Well, guess what? It is - and then some...

About the only thing that would stop you listening to and liking this track is an aversion to any of the two genres I mentioned, spiced up with the slightest dash of hip hop. Me, I love this stuff in all its different stripes because the one thread that keeps all these genres happening is it's basic humanity - warts, boils and everything. Where it often falls over, at least to me with the Soundclick variety, is the lack of production that constantly bedevils a lot of the genres tracks and - as a consequence - gives it the bad name it currently labours under. Out Of My Brain surmounts ALL of those obstacles with a work of stunning vocal talent, encased in a labour of love that will ease all your daily torments. From the softer (yes and less profane) end of the genre, it's the kind of track you could very well be hearing on MTV or any other commercial outlet and wouldn't think it out of place.

That's down to the top notch production on this little beauty because although the track itself is pretty sparse, what is there fills the spaces nicely. Siiren allows his voice free rein with oodles and oodles of layered vocals giving your ears a different angle with almost every note. It says on my copy that this is an 'unfinished snippet' and if that's the case the finished version should have enough power to light up Atlanta and the whole state of Georgia into the bargain. To be sure, it needs to be edited a tad, get rid of the kinda lame ending, and get some other production tricks in there and this track is a doozy. As it is, I'd say this was as good as finished and I don't care what you say, the vocal performance on this is bbbbrrrrrrrr, you know what I mean? Beautifully crafted, beautifully performed. What do you care what genre it is?

Now all you need is a URL to download/listen to it from because I can't find it on his page. Cooooeee Siiren...maybe you have one for the good folks huh?

Highly Recommended

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