Tuesday, April 25, 2006

HELLbus/Azoora - January One

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If the name Azoora looks familiar to you, let me throw another couple of names into the works: Bipolar and John Purcell. All of these names apply (in various ways) to the work of one John Purcell who is both a member of Bipolar AND Azoora as well as being a solo artist in his own right. Confused now? Good, that's about normal then. Over the few months I've had contact with this artist I have come to like very much the music he makes - regardless of which grouping he's using to promote it. The same applies to HELLbus who (in the two times I have reviewed them) have received a Must Have rating from me both times. To then get a collab between these two fine artists promises much...

Ah, but does it actually deliver?

The one thing you never need to worry about with either of these artists is production quality, both practice it at a high level. That will become evident with the first few bars of harmonium/Rhodes that introduce this surprisingly gentle semi-ballad, on the sound score alone this would be a worthy listen for anyone, regardless of your own personal taste in music. After all, a good choon is a good choon innit? January One is that, and given a couple of tweaks, it would be a monster - and it's got some pretty sharp teeth as it is. Slap bang up to the minute arrangement and style that will put you in mind of any number of commercial UK guitar led bands, and lyrical content that definitely fits the current navel gazing fashion. To me - but for fecks sake don't quote me on this - it seems to be about someone looking so hard for life, it passed them by. As I say, best not to quote me on this.

Nonetheless it IS a cracking track and almost exactly what you would expect from musicians of this calibre, a well thought out, serious slice of music that is initally welcoming but much deeper than it first appears. Which is a staple of any great musical peice if ya ask me. For my money though, as much as I like the sounds, the arrangement and the feel, I still felt that the vocals were so good, they needed that special attention that only a great vocal production can supply. As warm and welcoming as the vocal tone was, the mix doesn't help to bring out the drama in the vocals. A drama that is undeniably there. For me, a lot more depth to the vocals and maybe touches of echo overhang and this could eat worlds. Either that or I'm talking bollocks again which is about right.

Excellent, elegant and any number of other E words. Highly Recommended.

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