Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Hardy Boys - Crazy People

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'Yeah, yeah....reaady?' the voice in your head says as you enter this track. Sure, you say, before your arm is almost wrenched out of its socket as you are dragged pell mell into the bittersweet heart of this track - and THAT is just the beginning. The Hardy Boys are not an outfit I have ever come across before, and you can take that to the bank because I sure-as-hell would have remembered them. It's apt that the first track I should ever hear from them has such a testament-to-the-truth ring about it. Crazy people make crazy music and this is crazy music daddy-o... A two peice Electronica:house group from the US consisting of Mason the Bass Dynamo and Robozcis, which are obviously their real names...


'We're a disco house band' they opine on their SC webpage, and believe me I am not going to dispute that at all. From the get go, Crazy People is a mood altering drug, the slamming you every which way variety that is surprisingly Euro sounding. It's not surprising that The Hardy Boys favourite place is Berlin (as it also says on their webpage) because the overall tenor of the track is a hearking back to the kind of sound peice pioneered during the period depicted in Cabaret, but bought kicking and squealing into the future with some hefty disco beats and a decidely wobbly (but very effective) juggernaut arrangement. On the music side of this alone I would have given it a favourable rating and I don't even LIKE dance music that much. Not that you should run away with the impression that Crazy People is yer standard floor fillah, there is nothing standard about this track other than that infuriating disco beat...

Robozcis is the highlight of the track through, and the real glue that holds it all together is his masterful vocal. OK OK, I have to clarify that statement. I KNOW for a fact that you are going to fall about laughing the first time you hear this. I did. Is this guy for real?? Then you play it more and more and you begin to realise that this is pretty good stuff, because of its all too apparent oddness. Crazy People is one of those tracks you are either going to 'get' or not, and if you don't get it no biggie. If you do get it, and I do, then you know that I have lucked into yet another fortuitous find because as odd as Robozcis is, his vocal work demands your attention. Take a listen to the distinctly American Indian sounds he employs, or that Germanic 'uberwhizzkid' feel that permeates the more dancy sections. Big bouncy and bad bad bad.

Crazy People is for crazy people and I highly recommend it.

(thinks) No wait!! That doesn't look right. Finger!! DO NOT press that Send butto.....

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