Sunday, April 09, 2006

Jim-n-Lisa - Jihad

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While it's nice that the last couple of months have been quite good on the new name front, I must admit that I felt the loss of some of SC's more well-known names. So it was a welcome relief to see that this month was going to be different and already I've had some pleasant encounters with some old friends. I shamefully admit that I had to arm-wrestle Jimbo-Bob-thingy into putting down his john hancock this month, but hey I'm a desperate man, what can I tell you? See, that is the hidden cost of the kind of reviewing schedule I keep to, there is just no time whatsover for any other kind of listening. So when someone pipes up 'hey new tune up!!' I generally HAVE to pass it by and hope that it comes up on the list somehow. As you can imagine I am plagued by locusts who whisper 'what do you think of this?' or 'here's one you might like' or 'peep my poop' or whatever the latest word fad is...

Fact is, I can't listen to a damn thing, so stop emailing I and I....otherwise I'll fatwa your ass...

Speaking of fatwas, old favourites Jim-n-Lisa return to the fray with a cheery little number about the spiritual bliss that comes from slicing and dicing your neighbours, family and friends. I snarfed the 320k version because if there is one thing I love it's the J-n-L production sound and this track is no exception; a sound vision as wide as the Texas skies that shelter these Soundclick veterans. One of the reasons I picked this outfit for my Artist Of The Year 2004 was their promise, and every track I have heard since then has confirmed that promise and more besides. At this stage of the game, Jim-n-Lisa are one of the better known bands around and most of the kudos for that has to be down to their often uncompromising style. Never one to take an easy musical path, J-n-L often go out of their way to surprise and confound even the most avid fan (ie me).

Jihad, for example, is nothing like I expected it to be. I expected a solid, red-hot angry rant about (and I quote) 'leaders (who) don't believe in the science that powers their weapons' but what we get is an exceptional blend of rock and jazzy structures that put me instantly in mind of the '60's band the Soft Machine. More by instrumental sound and song structure rather than vocally mind, because there ain't no-one who sounds quite like Robert Wyatt. Nonetheless, Jim has a fair set of pipes on him too and he shows off his tonsilar pecs off on this track with admirable skill. Speaking of pipes, Jim's also a well respected horn man, and again on this track he shows why - the tone is to die for. Jihad is not going to win any prizes in accessability because there's a lot more here to chew on than in any other ten tracks, but given time and patience you will find that this is the reason why J-n-L are so well known and respected.

Ooozes class. Highly Recommended.

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