Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twisted Angel - Half Full

Hear The Track Here

Positive Vibes mang! No chit mang!! Ooops, sorry, carried away with the moment. Give me a second to gather my thoughts (looks well shifty) ...ahem. Hi, the reason for the vocal ejaculations that spatter the beginning of the sentence is because Twizzie is on a positive vibe, and I was essentially saying 'oh hurrah old chap' but in language he would understand (Ed: (falls over laughing). As ******* if, Gilmore!!) tell ya what, let's start again. Twisted Angel, in case you didn't know, is a hip hop musician with a twist, and a pretty neat twist at that. First of all, as I mis-stated in a previous Gangbangsters review, Twisted Angel is from Canada but his sound could well come from LA, home to said Gangbangsters. The reason I mention these two side by side is because they have many stylistic elements in common.

I've been through a large slice of genres with both artists, even though hip hop is the one that predominates. Twisted Angel has had a fair share of praise from me because of that willingness to be different, it makes an upcoming review all the more nail biting though... Tell you what, there is one sound that gives me nightmares to this day, and it's a main feature of Half Full so its a real good job the track gets past it. The sound is a so-so brass sound that was first heard way back in the early days of computer music. I found it grating and totally unrealistic then, and the same holds true today. That insignificant little fact aside, once again, Twisted Angel has come up with the (different) goods. First off, arrangement and style.

OK, I understand that this is a so-called 'bedroom' sound, but that isn't ever the point when taking in indie musicians; it's a case of what they do with it. In this case, Half Full is everything I want from hip hop with a wider definition than the USA model. For a start, Twisted Angel puts a bit more attention on the song itself, and given the slightly uneven sound and the massively abrupt ending (on both the downloadable and playable varieties) there is a lot to like about this track, especially if you already have a taste for this musician. T'ain't going to set the world on fire, but it's going to make it enjoyable while waiting for the one I know he's going to deliver at some point. This is a musician I have high hopes for this year. (Ed: Run away, Twizzie, run away now...)

Excellent indie hip hop with a twist. Highly Recommended.

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