Friday, July 16, 2010

Kevin Miller - Big Glass Pig

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The four tracks I have already reviewed from this US acoustic folk musician has shown that Kevin Miller made a mark incredibly quickly - at least with this reviewer. From the lump in the throat Light A Candle (February 2009) to the lump in the heart and soul of Blood On Sandy River (June 2010), Kevin has displayed a really listenable, interesting and fresh - yes fresh - take on a lot of important subjects. See, that's what it's really about for me, and I suspect, many others. I don't just make music to make music - although I obviously do. I make music to make a statement and the same is true of Kevin Miller. It helps enormously that I happen to really love the genre I call Americana but actually goes under many guises, including the much maligned 'folk' tag.

Kevin's instruments are a Martin guitar, a Collings mandolin, harmonicas and - on one notable occasion - his wife and kids. But that's another story...

Kevin Miller is a traditional player, and it perfectly fits his songs and his style and Big Glass Pig just convinces me that Americana is alive and well and living in Washington state. Should you think that I'm off in my usual hyperbolic fashion, go and note how many comments (and what kind) this track has. The lyrics, the style and the easy grace that exemplifies Kevin's grasp of this material is a feature of every one of his tracks and is, at least in my eyes, the main reason why so many divergent people like and respect this musician.

Someone cracks wise about him being Mr Guthrie (after the great Woody Guthrie) and I see the sense in that, certainly they both have the same roots, feet planted firmly in the land. Kevin Miller is the kind of artist who used to get a yearly workout at the Newport Festival when it was in its folk heyday, and nowadays can only be found right here on Soundclick. I obviously understand that there are many, many people who don't like the whole traditional country thing but I've always loved bluegrass and true American country music and Big Glass Pig is right on the money in every sense.

Highly Recommended Americana

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