Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ralph Atkinson - Bambigalia

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Ralph Atkinson gets to be tail end charlie this month, this being the last track in the review bag, a very lively review bag at that. Bambigalia is, according to Ralph, '"tootsie-rootsy" - a blend of dixieland and country blues' and, thanks to my detailed and painstaking research it's also a tree. The reason I did that isn't because I'm feeling warm hearted towards you, o online eyeballs, but because I wanted to be sure I wasn't telling my mother to do something unpleasant with herself. After all, I struggle with English most of the time, so Italian would be waayyy out of my reach, capisci? None of which has anything to do with the "tootsie-rootsy" blend of dixieland and country blues we are promised so let's get to it.

Bambigalia is probably more blues than anything else, but as always Ralph Atkinson stamps his own particular brand of authenticity on it. The very first track I ever reviewed from this musician has this kind of period details that make modern forays into the genre all the more interesting. One musician who's toes Ralph is stepping on here is my old friend 333maxwell who also specialises in this kind of true mood music, although it has to be said that Chas (333maxwell) and Ralph have very different styles. Looking back over the reviews I've done since Building A Time Machine (October 2009) it seems clear that when Ralph gets his blues hat on he scores big time with me.

I do indeed like the blues, especially when its done in this 1940/50's semi jazz style. For me it only goes two ways, raw or smooth and Bambigalia tends to the smooth, its only the detail and obvious commitment of the musician to getting the piece right that saves it from the slings of outraged Gilmore. I've often stated publicly that I don't do smooth, or middle of the road but there are obvious exceptions and this proved to be one of them. While I am not always knocked out by his other tracks, this one definitely hit the spot for me, probably because I love this setting so much. Again, to give credit where credit is due, Ralph gives one of his best, well laid back vocals and it fits the song like a glove.

Highly Recommended for sitting under the Bambigalia tree in the sunshine.

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