Friday, July 30, 2010

JCH (UK) - Shooter

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Or, as the locals would have it, shoo'AH. JCH (UK) is the new numberplate of James Crosbie Hancox'zzzzzz musical ve-hicle and he wants to tell you all about his shoo'aah, and I don't know whether to advise you to a) get comfy or b) run as fast as you can. Mind you, James Crosbie Hancox (as was) definitely supplied some very tasty musical treats, showing him as a very good songwriter with some excellent ideas to go with them. That was shown most notably - if'n you remember - the Painting By Numbers project. Over the course of time I reviewed a number of these tracks but the first actual review of the Painting By Numbers LP (June 2010) was under the JCH (UK) monnicker. Heey, whaddueye know? I know that Painting By Numbers is a very worthwhile download and is liable to show its face again and again on my playlists. One because it's a collection of very good songs and two, said collection of very good songs were delivered in the one chord. Yep, that's right. One chord, one song. You wouldn't believe it would work, but I heartily recommend you listen for yourself.

In the meantime, we have a shoo'ahh to deal with.

'A song about shooting your partner in their sleep' JCH informs us, adding ' because they are not what they promised to be'. That clicking sound you hear is my blink. Sorry about that but I'm amazed. In all my whole long life, a life of many partnership type stresses, I've never ONCE dreamed about shooting my partner - or anybody else for that matter. Now ******* them, that's a different story but I'm here to tell you that 'sex thought every six seconds' theory is way too long. However, lets dig our way out of this sudden puerile slime and soldier on. James (for it is he) explains that 'this is just how a bad relationship can make you feel' and he in no way endorses such things, and it's saying something that he chose it as the subject of a song.

There again, reading on, 'this is an old band song that I wanted to record properly, the song is around 20 years old' and - to be brutally honest - it sounds like it. In sound, style and arrangement that is exactly what I would have thought if I had heard it unaware of any of these facts. Mind you, given the musical heritage he is heir too (he's from Liverpool) and the not inconsiderable part he has played in it (in a previous offline life), he is putting it out there to exorcise a ghost. I've got tracks like that too. Stuff you may have done years and years ago that still sounds relevant today. And then there's the added buzz of being able to scratch an irritating itch into oblivion and make the track the thing it should have been all along. If that is the case, then JCH has managed that very well indeed. For sure, I've heard better, but I'll bet not much older.

Interesting history #101. Recommended Alternative.

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