Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Wheel - Jelly with Damian Lee

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After a brief hiatus it looks like the Big Round One is on a roll again, and that is a good thing. Ever since he first started in 2006, Big Wheel has delivered some of the best, slickest and pleasing electronica - usually with a dance slant, and you know how I feel about them - this reviewer has heard. At least on an unsigned level. The last time we encountered the master of 'chillage, danceage, noddage and groovage' was Like This (June 2010), a track that also featured Damian Lee and - for a house tune - was very good indeed and I don't hold much love the genre. I do however like Big Wheel's style and praised the beejeebers out of that. Hard to find a Big Wheel track that I didn't like...but there is always a first time.

Now, let me see..... Mmmmmm

Jelly is yet another House outing, which didn't calm me much, at least not until I'd actually heard it. Amazing how my preconceptions mug me at every opportunity, you'd think I'd never fed them. One thing that has become a hallmark of this UK musician is that is music is c-l-e-a-n, mixing by scrubbing brush and a nice bar of Lifebouy no doubt. So what does this strapping, shiny, nauseatingly healthy track want the rest of us human slugs to do? 'Keep moving. Relax Your body. Relax your soul' it says (studiously avoiding any mention whatsover of any fishy substances, products or species) and that's probably a good thing, so don't ask....k? The only problem with this whole 'relax your body, relax your soul' refrain is that's it's very difficult to relax when you are experiencing some serious bottom prodding (Ed: wtf??? WTF???). Yes, folks, music that reaches the parts other music cannae reach Captain, seriously kick ass - in a dance way of course.

The great weight of my age is the decider here because I know full well that Big Wheel's music has never been intended for the likes of me, and from a technical aspect, he's rarely put a foot wrong IMHO. Suffice to say that he hasn't done on Jelly either. It might last six minutes and change but I'd swear on a stack of bilbles it weren't no taller than three. Big confession for me here, I get the heebies from the classic Rhodes sound. Yep, the sound that sends chills down any self respecting R&B fan and it makes ol' Gilmore gabble, but certainly not gobble. We English don't do that. Errr, keep, keep the song exhorts at every opportunity even when you know one more bounce may be your last - also not the ideal relaxant. What impresses me most about Big Wheel (Ed: when all the jokes stop that is) is the dedication he brings to the process, it makes his tracks a delight to listen to, whatever your preference.

Big Round One in da House। R-e-l-a-x. Highly Recommended House.

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