Saturday, July 10, 2010

Schizotic - Locomotive Arms

Hear The Track Here

A new name to me from Soundclick Dustin Jurkaulionis, who goes by the bandname Schizotic is - apparently - an Alternative Experimental musician so two big ticks right there from this reviewer. More to the point, it's a good job the man lives in Canada and not here in the UK otherwise I'd be mugging him for his Gibson Les Paul Swamp Ash Studio Model. (Ed: Sheesh, machineheads, who'd have 'em) I don't, of course, care about the model or colour, just the Les Paul would be very nice thank you very much. Sorry about the bruises. Anyway, clambering back from my evil daydreams, Dustin is aided on this track by bassist Emilio Bonito who he also credits as co-author but that's probably way too much information for you lot anyway.

You guys are more the See Jack Play Drums type innit? ;)

I am, as you know, a big fan of WTF music. Experimental in all its forms has fascinated me, but nowhere more so than with my long stint reviewing at Soundclick where, IMHO, some of the finer (or madder) exponents of this genre hang out. Having said that I had a problem getting my head around the idea of an 'Alternative' experimental, the very term meaning something spontaneous and off the cuff which, to my mind, is about as alternative as its likely to get in this universe. However, that's by the by because Locomotive Arms is good enough to state its own case admirably. I'm struggling here to remember which impressed me first: the solid, seamless arrangement, the dedication to sound fidelity, or the faultlessness of the performance.

Whatever it is, it worked like gangbusters. Locomotive Arms is that infinitely rare beast; a coherent, and often beautiful musical piece with just enough WTF juice to make things really interesting. At base, when all is said and done, what this track is a guitar instrumental. Yep. But what a difference a day makes. See, here is a guitar instrumental that makes sense to me in every way. Moreover it works strongly enough to stand on its own two feet as an instrumental that texturally and technically is head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. Absolutely knockout introduction to a musician I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on, clever and original.

MUST HAVE guitar piece with added wtf-ry.

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