Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bilbozo - Baby Baby Ft Carol Sue and TLT50

Hear The Track Here

The massed hordes of guitarists over at Mixposure are a somewhat greener shade whenever the name Bilbozo crops up in the conversation. Yes, he's an excellent guitarist with impeccable taste in his own music, and the endless collaborations he seems to feature in but that isn't the reason for the envy. That reason is simple and can be summed up in one word Stratage. Bilbozo, lucky son of a gun that he is, won his very own slobber fodder in a recent Mixposure competition, and he's been using it to devastating effect ever since. I've heard loads of his tracks on Mix Radio but I've only ever reviewed one track, and that was a collaboration with Devodale (another well known Mixposure musician) on Magic (November 2009) which got a well deserved rating from me as a very neat blend of styles.

Baby Baby sees Bil teaming up with TLT50 and the lovely Carol Sue Kirkpatrick who I first came across with I Am Invisible (July 2006) on MP3 Unsigned who even then struck me as a good, strong songwriter. It helps that she has the voice to put the song across of course, and if anything the years have only improved her style. She's always had that smoky quality about her voice and this is put to decisive use on this amazing R&B track. I use the term R&B here in its original sense; music with soul and heart. IMHO the current use of the term, and the music it covers, just doesn't come up to scratch. Baby Baby is how good R&B should sound, and it should be given out free to any wannabee singer to show how to do it right. Abso-bloody-lutely right, mind. Not a hair out of place.

Amazing thing is that this a ballad, and you know I shoot them nasty things on sight.

Two words: heart and soul. Between them Bilbozo, TLT50 and Carol Sue poured all of theirs into this track and it shows big time. From the incredible production job to the spine tingling vocal treatment this is a modern R&B classic, about the best thing I have heard this year in this category. OK sure, it veers well to the jazz side of R&B rather than the more sprightly soul sound but the grit is still there, and I'm probably gimping purely because its a ballad. Even I am not so hard hearted that a track with this much effort, love and attention devoted to it couldn't melt it, and it did with the first few notes. When Carol Sue starting singing I just puddled up immediately, and I mean that in a nice way. Awesome stuff, I kid you not. Serious style, and wait until you hear Slap Johnson's sax solo :)

MUST HAVE soul ballad.

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