Friday, July 09, 2010

Eject Pilot Eject - Jump At The Right Time EP

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Eject Pilot Eject are (apparently) an exciting three piece indie rock band from South Wales, or so their official website informs us. Surprisingly enough, South Wales (not New South Wales which is on an entirely different continent) has a long and proud history of churning out really good musicians and singer and - in particular - amazing trios. As an exercise in dating myself, I first noticed this effect when a band called Love Sculpture sliced my head off with a track called Sabre Dance. The guitarist at the time was a very, very young Dave Edmunds. See, it isn't just confined to people speaking in a strange language and bellowing songs at the top of their lungs and - while we are about it - at the drop of a hat. It's a Celtic thing, ya see. Us cold blooded English still don't get that completely free, liberating sense of what music means for your spirit. That'll be the effect of the steel rod up our collective English butts no doubt.

So, enough of the yakky da bollocks, lets get to rumble!

Jump At The Right Time is, in fact, a three track EP recorded at Machineroom Studios by Paul Durrant so I'm already expecting a fairly polished affair and No Hero nails that very nicely. Got to like a bit of lively rock though and, to my ears anyway, a liking for the more straightforward kind of no nonsense indie that is almost a staple of the small gig circuit the band operate in. No Hero shows the bands tightness and coherence. It is, as they say, a rattlingly good yarn but not - to my mind anyway - anything really startling. Mainstreet was much the same animal, snarling out of the gate, and yet - when you give it time to sit right - is a surprisingly soft rock pop song with more than a touch of charm.

Don't Make This Harder Than It Needs To Be completes the trio and, to my ears anyway, sounds a bit more lax than any of the preceding tracks; especially vocally. Some level problems with the main vocal too, although the backline (on all three tracks) sounds chunky, tight and on point. You may also notice the female backing vocals, courtesy of drummer Sarah who - it has to be said - knows how to kick the crap out of a set of drums. All told, and in complete honesty, I think these tracks DO highlight how good the band would be live (where they will gain mucho experience anyway) but when put up against some of their competition what they have may be too lightweight. That is not, in any way, to say that these tracks are not very good, they are and then some but I didn't hear anything that struck me as out of the ordinary but time will see to that.

Recommended pop rock trio WITH a trio (of songs duhhhh).

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