Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bright Midnight - Count Me Sold

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Bright Midnight has become almost a review staple since I reviewed Floating Feather (Sleepy Mood) (July 2009), in fact I think I have reviewed a track a month since then and - at that rate - it's going to be difficult to impress me. Fact of life. You would have to be a really outstanding musician in every way to score big with me every time or even, for that matter, once. It's never about quantity, only quality counts in my books. Bright Midnight haven't done badly though, I have taken a shine to one or two of their better tracks and even had good words to say about some of the not so hot tracks.

At least Bright Midnight always prove an interesting listen and truth is, I'm probably not going to be the one the music is aimed at anyway. The one really important thing to say here is that this is a band that truly deserves its indie tag, their inspirational range is pretty decent running through classic rock, indie and punky material. Count Me Sold is, according to the song comments anyway, 'a personal favorite' and I can see it would track to play on, but would it do the same for a listener? Well, Bright Midnight have one major selling point in their favour and that's the Jim Morrison soundalike who supplies the vocals (Hillis I believe). I know I keep going on about it in review after review but damn, it's eerie.

I actually think that Bright Midnight write good songs, where it often falls down - at least for me anyway - is in the production and, very rarely, the delivery. Pretty much every Bright Midnight track has a tendency toward the lo-fi as, I guess, is to be expected with indie. Well, yes, but not when it interferes with the final result, as happens with a lot of this bands work. For sure, people who have already found the band to their liking will find much to enjoy with Count Me Solid but personally I itch to hear the track that I know these guys are capable of. Still, this will certainly do in the meantime.

Recommended, if a bit sloppy, Alternative.

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