Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - The Journey Home

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I was reading somewhere the other day that some people found the internet cold and intimidating and, given its unfathomable size, I can see why that might be so. Even back in the day (early 1990's) as small as the internet was then, it was still intimidating to a new user. This was back before the Web as such existed mind and the thought of having strings of 'friends' online would have been laughable. It didn't take me long to find friends/like minded people though and I got wholly involved in the whole MOD music scene that predated MP3 music. Over the years I've found that communities exist on the net very well indeed, and some very large ones at that. Soundclick being the most recent example. These are people and musicians I see every day so you get to follow their individual ups and downs as much as you would in real life, and yes, care as much too. Having said that, one of my oldest friends and reviewees (can't believe I wrote that sheesh), Houston based Fear 2 Stop haven't been having the best of times lately, which saddens me, but the tracks nonetheless keep rolling in....

Music can do that. It helps. Enormously.

The Journey Home is, in mainman Billy Castillo's words 'a more 'organic' sound'. Well seeing as this is Fear 2 Stop we are talking about, we'd probably have to take that in a 'oh yeah' manner because the one thing that I don't think I've ever heard from this band is organic. Mechanic maybe. See, F2S patrol the wilder side of town where men are screaming abbdabs and the women eat their partners (Ed: OK Gilmore, lay off the sauce); in other words they are an 'experimental' band. To my certain knowledge they've been experimenting for at least six years so you'd think they'd have that trick down, wouldn't you? Well actually, in their own way, they have, although if you are new to this band you would probably be hard pressed to see their appeal, we all did initially. Then, something clicks and you are off...

'Based around a cool synth harpsichord by Dana (Castillo)' with Billy on his usual production 'n' bag of tricks is, at least to my ears, exactly what I expect from their long period of gestation. One of their early specialties was making music to irritate dogs with (it caused death by a thousand cuts for a while) but then they started to integrate their sounds with a notably odd, but right, rhythmic style, smartened up the overall sound and mix and suddenly it made sense. Not complete sense, I'll grant you, but Fear 2 Stop have never been - as it were - pretty to look at and are most definitely one of the most acquired tastes on Soundclick. Their brand of experimental electronica has long worn an appreciative groove in my brain - and many other Soundclick regulars - but its a long haul... Oh, btw, there is the merest whiff of doggie irritant about this track so best not to play it around Fido unless you need some cute designer teethmarks in your butt.

Vintage Fear 2 Stop. Recommended Experimental mayhem.

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