Saturday, July 10, 2010

333maxwell - Dooby Doo (when you walk into the room)

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Mr Punctuality himself, and his (probably specially made) review track for this month. Mr Indefatigable too because if he keeps this up he will have submitted a track a month for a whole year non-stop. I'm serious!! This (mumble) guy, whats not to hate about him? If the rest of us keep up this kind of artistic pace we'd burn out in a couple of hours, and if that isn't hateful I don't know what is. You may be judging by my tone that I don't particularly like Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell) and you couldn't be wider of the mark. Not only does the man have a string of must haves a mile long, he was also my Artist Of The Year 2009, an award most people seemed to agree with. Even my Mum likes a bit of 333maxwell, especially when he's in his retro mood, Nope, the reason I hate him is because he is just too good, makes the rest of us look like snails. Slow and steady wins the race, my ass!!

So, Dooby Do whatsit? Whatsit?

'More like a session than a presentation' Chas informs us in the song comments, but there again this is a musician with a Masters degree in Self-deprecation, so I usually advise taking whatever he says with a bag of salt (mixed with the weed of course). The one thing you can be absolutely 100% sure of with a 333maxwell track - of whatever stripe - it is going to be well worth the listen. This, for example, is a musician who knows what a brush kit is. Think about that. Most people would be reaching for the broom wondering if we were reverting to the bedroom pose, but our Max applies it in the best possible way; to lively up a terrific - if very noisy - slice of the coolest jazz this side of N'awlins...

Personally I LOVE it when 333maxwell plumbs the depths of his musical knowledge and experience. Take Dooby Doo whatsit for example, it's a beautiful blend of 1940/50's jazz, piano bar arrangements, smoky blue-horn jazz, wartime crooners and the male version of The Andrews Sisters - although I do have nasty images of Chas dressed as a 1950's sweetheart and I'll probably pay for that down the road somewhere. Oh, and Jimi Hendrix pops in to deliver a couple of clean licks too. OK, Chas, you got me. This is (probably) your loosest, ramshackle affair yet, and yet.... and yet... As I say, I love it when you are on this kinda groove, and I'm sure that some people will disagree with me but... YOU might not think this is that good, and you'd be right to say 'I'll be honest, I'm not happy at all with how it is coming out' but only, I'm afraid if you were a DAMNED PERFECTIONIST!! :P

MUST HAVE for clever clogs.

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