Friday, July 09, 2010

Artificial Wonders - Snow

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As I was saying in my last review of American electronica musician Artificial Wonders, I had just got used to his style when he went and changed it on me. Why should that matter anyway right? Wellllll (waggles hand)... We are talking about a previous musical existence making (hastily downs anti-vomit juice) game soundtracks and you know how peevish that makes me. The good news is that he clambered out of Console City and moved to....the rustbelt?? That may, or may not, be the bad news depending on which way you look at it I suppose. Green Bottles ushered in a new Industrial age for Parker Files (aka Artificial Wonders) and was a surprisingly convincing Ritalin trip and - obviously - something to be avoided if you are of a nervous nature. Sudden movements are the epitome of this particular drug, but lets not dwell to much on drugs because that always gets me into trouble.

Now, will you pass that fat boy on?

So, fresh from beating swords into plowshares - as it were - Artificial Wonders through yet another musical curveball and comes up acoustic piano. Say what you like about his music, the man is on a instrumental trail and can't be stopped. There I was, nice cup of calming tea, comfy armchair, eyes closed.. Start the track. Start. Yes, the famous double take that translates into the modern idiom as wtf. See, don't forget who we are dealing with here. Artificial Wonders has always been on for the cantankerous, the splendidly odd as the goings on in Green Bottles amply testify.

So when I said start, it actually surprised the crap out of me. I expected, fool that I am, a lovely, air-filled sonic prayer to the joy and beauty in life and what I got was the equivalent of razored ears and a bad case of PTS. (Ed: surely you mean PMS, definitely would fit your condition). My own fault, should have known that this musician wouldn't do it the easy way so again, best avoided if of a nervous nature, Funny thing is, I actually grew to like this track a lot once the initial surprise had worked off and no, it's not just acoustic piano, there are some suitably dramatic strings, all of which add to the tension the track carries, Mind you, that first time was a bit brutal but maybe that is a sure sign I am getting old.

Highly Recommended weirdo piano...

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