Saturday, July 24, 2010

DJ Jezza - A Dragons Tear

Hear The Track Here

DJ Jezza is a new name to me from Mixposure and, I suspect, new to Mixposure too. Still, we all have to start somewhere eh? Apparently he has been making music since 1999 and is still only 22 years old and - as one wag said - I have shoes older than that. All of which doesn't stop him from exercising a bit of carpe diem and getting his very own Mix Radio show on Fridays at 12pm PST (thats 8pm GMT for us Europeans) and - given that he is from the UK - I can imagine his show is probably one of the most eclectic on Mix Radio. Shame on me for not having to the time to tune in yet, but I surely will and so should you. Don't know how you folks feel about it but I think internet radio stations like Mix Radio (that features LIVE DJs) is definitely one of the better movements to come out of the indie scene yet and if you haven't discovered this great resource yet, then shame on you. More so, I might add, if you are a musician looking for places to showcase your music.

Electronica is the area this particular DJ frolics in and I don't know about you, but after eleven years of making music I would expect something a cut above most newcomers. DJ Jezza doesn't let the side down anyway, big sighs of relief all round, and in fact - considering that its dance based electronica - is quite listenable. As much as I have an abiding hatred to the ol' four-to-the-floor so long as it isn't completely beat driven and/or soppy with sunshine as are so many so-called Ibiza copyists, I can take it. Jezza tends to the more electronic side of the genre, making all his music in my own favourite DAW of choice; Fruity Studio.

Hand on heart, I couldn't swear I'd go back to listen to this track but that is purely a personal taste. For sure, if you like electronic dance music then DJ Jezza is definitely a musician you need to be checking out simply because he makes a change from the high density of Ibiza techno that infests this particular market. He takes some very interesting turns with his melody playing and I think it was that that finally won me over, but I have to say in my own defence that I really don't get into this kind of material, and I don't think it is aimed at me in the first place. Put it like this, the man has over a hundred and fifty downloads so far and that - in my books - says a lot. It takes time and a willingness to listen to generate an audience and the truest sign of that audience isn't in plays (anyone can get air play), its in the act of someone downloading your track into their life.

Highly Recommended Electronica (from the guitar shop hee hee).

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