Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Speak Words Speak - Church Of The Lost Frequencies

Hear The Track Here

Larry Ludwick is my kind of musician, takes a licking and keeps right on ticking. Larry has suffered considerable hearing problems lately (surely any musicians worst nightmare) as we've been hearing through the forums and - I hope - these reviews. Like anyone faced with a challenging and difficult situation, Larry faced it square on and even came up with a new vehicle with which to do it. Ladles and germs, lets hear it for Speak Words Speak, a side project where 'spoken narrative and poetic vocalizations' are the norm and experimental music is the engine that powers all. I think if you were to ask Larry directly how much exposure to The Dead Company had changed his style and attitude towards what he does, even he would agree they opened doors.

All of which makes me happy because The Dead Company have long been one of my most weirdest tastes and - as you know - I have probably cornered the market in collecting weirdos of all shape and description. The reason I'm banging on the Dead Company drum so early in the proceedings is because Larry and TDC founder Jon Bushaway (Ed: Him!! Again!!) both excel in compiling the strangest, most haunting electronic music you are likely to hear. I've reviewed a couple of Larry's solo electronica tracks before and very much liked what he was doing but Church Of The Lost Frequencies is - to my ears anyway - much more of a soundscape than anything i think I've heard from him before. Which is probably where I am getting the DC connection from so I'll drop that by the wayside right here and we'll continue on up the aisle (Ed: eh???).

Essentially a play on choral samples, and other orchestral goodies, sliced open by a razor sharp electronic piano sound, Church Of The Lost Frequencies gets well down and gooey right from the start and although it definitely earns its Experimental sounds tag, it is still surprisingly accessible. 'Something out of my experience recently with the loss of certain frequencies' is what Larry writes in the song comments but as the basis for (I hope) a spoken word topping this is plenty good enough. Mind you, key words: Chorale and Experimental. Not first choices for a lot of people. Must admit though, on a personal level, I was impressed by this and I don't make the Dead Company connection lightly.

Dense, and intense choral fest. Recommended Experimental.

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