Friday, July 09, 2010

Andrey Mishchenko - Metal Lullaby

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Third time up for Russian musician Andrey Mishchenko who, if judged by the previous two tracks, seems to be a classically trained and influenced pianist with much talent and expression. You hear a 'but' in that sentence don't you? and well you should because Metal Lullaby is a significant step away from the drama and passion of September 29 (Window to the Fall) (May 2010) and Little Sadness (June 2010). 'I bought (an) electric guitar in January' he said when asking for this review 'and trying to express other emotions I have to tell to this world'. Well OK, but can a pianist play the guitar? Especially one trained in the classical arts. It has been my experience of classical musicians (I have known a few) who flounder when faced with a jam session. Can't work outside the structure as it were.

Or maybe that's just me being Mr Crabby.

Now obviously Andrey has been playing guitar for more than a few months, or that's his innate link to the music he creates on piano coming out on a different instrument. As a guitarist myself, I would have been surprised by this amount of musical activity after (counts on fingers) six months, especially the delicacy and taste of the intro which to be honest lulled me enough so that when the rock side of the track kicked in, it made a big difference. On a strictly musical level, and speaking as a guitarist, I would have been extremely happy to have made something this complex within that six month space of time. Playing the guitar, despite how easy it looks, is anything but and to play it with skill takes a lot of time and practise.

On a more commercial (if unsigned level) as good as Metal Lullaby is as a rock instrumental, at the end of the day it is just that. A rock instrumental. Another rock instrumental. There is nothing wrong with that, and certainly nothing wrong whatsoever with Metal Lullaby - if rock instrumentals are your thing. One thing I do require from instrumentals though, being a hard bitten sound cynic, is that they grab my attention. Other than the respect I accord Andrey as a budding guitarist, I'd want a lot more meat on the bones if I were honest. Mind you, this was a quick take, and a first one at that so if it interests you go have a listen.

Recommended Rock Instrumental.

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Andrey said...

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for review! Greatly appreciate this.

Let me give some words and history about myself and my past music experience so you and other readers can have proper picture.

I am 35 working as a manager in software company (no music :-)).
At age of 15 I learned accoustic guitar at music school for 3 years but following about 18 years my practice was playing no more than few times a year.

On the end of 2008 one day I taken my old accoustic guitar from the dust and surprisely very quickly within a week created two simple songs. Then on Dec 2008 visiting my relatives after few vodka shorts I was trying their old piano and created nice melody (without ANY previous piano experience).
This was the last sign event for me that I need to try to create some music.

So I got new nice hobby! I bought Yamaha s90es synthesiser and on the beginning of 2009 I started to learn piano and creating music. Key point of my paino study that I don't use any training materials, no teacher, no other music, no scores, only my music to play (of couse some indirect influence of culture and other music is still inside).

So whole 2009 year almost each evening after day job and some weekends I practiced on playing piano and created music, created music and practiced on it. Started with creating very simple compositions and constantly increased complexity level with more practice. I remember only very basics of musical theory so main guidline for my compositions is not teory but how great it sounds for me. Even my piano music is sounds like classical but based on my learning approach I can't say that I am classical painist or that I am trained in the classical arts. By the way I even not listen classical music much, I usually prefer Rock.

2009 year was over and I found that I need additional expression instrument and obviously electric guitar was great choice because I learned accoustic guitar many years ago and I like electric guitar sound as well as I love Rock music. (Actually I like many styles of music and many artists/bands, but if I asked to chose only one group/artist I would say Pink Floyd is my favorite one.)

So I bought Epiphone Les Paul (cheaper Gibson Les Paul analog) on the end of Jan 2010 and started to learn it with same approach I previously did on piano: only me and my music, not to play other's music. Even I love Pink Floyd I will not learn to play their songs I play whatever I have inside me only.

Besides playing of course I'am learning how to record, process sound and do my PC mixing work to improve sound itself as well. This is more technical side of music and i read some books about it.

"Metal Lullaby" is one of my first step on guitar and obviously there is a room for improvements and I agree that I need more meat on the bones as you Steve fairly pointed on this review.

In short this is my story of composing and playing last 1.5 years. In camparison with teenagers writing their songs I started little bit late but I hope I still have some time to express my music emotions. :-)

Steve, thank you very much again! And I will be glad to talk with you more on some other reviews or anytime besides.

Best Regards,