Monday, February 22, 2010

Timmy Sells His Soul - This Won't End Well

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Timmy Sells His Soul is the bandname for one Daniel Euphrat, whose name might strike terror into some of my older readers. If that doesn't do it, maybe the mention of the band he and his brother are in enticingly called Dross. Aaaah, now that IS terror!! As my old friend (and fellow reviewer) 333maxwell wrote of Daniel's work 'just wrong on so many levels' and I can't help but agree with him totally. Mind you I also agree with him too when he adds 'but obviously I loved it' and so do I, probably because I have a musical stubborn streak a mile wide and I like things that challenge the mind as well as the ears. Having said that, it has to be said that both Dross and Timmy Sells His Soul are both way, way out there as far as most people are concerned; noise being one of their favourite genres.

This won't end well indeed...

It starts well, if you like a exceptionally mentally unbalanced rendition of 'Somewhere' from West Side Story, then it all goes to hell in a handbasket - so far, so normal. Where the track takes a massive detour into uncharted territory is when after the intro rusts away, you realise that you are listening to a song. As you would imagine, it's an odd little ditty for sure, although given it's Alternative rating it fits well. All a bit lo-fi, but that is also what I expect from this musician, and I don't mean that as a put down. It's been a while since I last heard anything from him. The last track I heard was 3000 Squid in an Ice Box - Media Orgy 1 (Sex) (January 2008) so obviously things will have changed somewhat, but a song??? Absolutely the last thing I would have expected.

It's actually quite a good song too, in a lo-fi sub Syd Barrett kinda way, although Daniel's brought his own sonic tools to the job, hence the bone/wall shaking bass boom from the guitar, and quite probably the dirtiest, grungiest drum sounds I have ever heard. Surprisingly enough, it all works, even those truly crappy drums, giving the track some of the charm that (say) Thomas J brings to such material. Definitely as a straightforward Alternative track (without all of the electronica jiggery pokery) This Won't End Well will extend the people who know about this American musician, although some of his wilder stuff may be a bit hard to take. This though, is a very pleasant surprise.

Highly Recommended (if lo-fi) Alternative.

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