Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Skeptic Tanks - The Slab

Hear The Track Here

Yeah, I did the same doubletake on the name too, but it makes sense. All the while I was listening to this I was under the impression that The Skeptic Tanks were a new name to me. February has, after all, been a great month for new music. Then I went online while writing the review and found out that the band are John (Reservoir Dog), Roger (Turboman) and Conory - a name that should be ringing some pretty strident bells methinks. I've reviewed about a half a dozen of his tracks and liked them all, although I have to say I am still waiting for the killer blow because I know he has it in him.

Still, this isn't about Conory alone and I have no idea who does what in this track but I guess it doesn't matter anyway. What matters is the solid, meaty electronica that they deliver which made a pleasant change from yer usual bleeps, whirrs and whizzes. The Slab is a neat blend of electronica and guitars because I'm pretty sure that both the bass and lead guitar are real instruments but I wouldn't want to swear about the drums - and that's usually the tell tale. All of which just goes to show that 'Thursday night farting/music making sessions' can produce something of real note.

Right now there is only one track on the band's Soundclick page but I'm sure that will be remedied over proceeding Thursday whatsnames because - to my ears - this is a smart move. Personally, I like nothing better than playing with other people (Ed: Dude!! you can't say that!!) whether electronically or on a real instrument. Collaborations are great fun, whether online or off it, but nothing beats playing with real live people. While The Slab isn't going to set the world on fire, the fun the musicians had putting this quite complex piece together is obvious, and the energy rush from it is well worth experiencing.

Excellent Electronica/rock. Highly Recommended.

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