Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mike Kohlgraf - Once Upon A Time Ft Gina & Rick Kresiak

Hear The Track Here

Not content with collaborating with the Whole World and His Brother (Ed: not actually a band, despite the caps), Mike Kohlgraf (aka Mike-K) is now busily engaging the Brothers Wife into the musical mix. If you know Mixposure in any meaningful form, you will already be well aware of Gina and Rick in their various guises. We know Rick better as the musician RwK and I am suitably shamed to say that I haven't really heard much from Gina. I think I've heard songs of hers in passing on Mix Radio but I wouldn't want to take a lie dector test on that one. As I mentioned in past reviews, the real milestone Mike has passed over the last year or two has been in production and arrangement and from note one I was in awe at how beautifully he has captured this very pretty track.

Rick and Gina supply the vocals and a wonderful job they do of it too. As a long time fan of Simon and Garfunkel, that was the first influence my lazy bastard of a mind lurched into and further playing only made it plainer. That is not to say that Rick, Gina or even the blessed Michael have copied the style it's just the closest reference I can make right now. I am known for not lobbing such weighty comparisons about like confetti. Most people know that if I compare someone (favourably anyway) with a heavy-weight name, I've usually got my back covered by the musician(s) concerned. To my mind anyway, both Mike and Rick are heavy-weight musicians in their own right, just not so well known or well paid.

Years of experience do pay off, although 'pay' might be stretching it a bit. To me it's about quality. Quality of musicianship, production, arranging and songwriting are where such skills are shown and Once Upon a Time is a credit to all involved. Oh, Gilmore, you are bound to say that, these people are your friends. F*** that I say, friends or not, if a track doesn't cut it I am bound to say so. Ask Mike, who has had more than his share of abuse from me in the past. Still, when something's right and credit is due, I'm first in line to offer up praises unto them (Ed: Uh oh, he's going all Biblical on us...) and this is soooo right. It might also surprise you to know, should you know my quirks and foibles, that this is most definitely a ballad type thingie, and I usually avoid them like the plague. Not, however, this one. There's ballads, and ballads. Know what I mean, jellybean?

Excellent slice of classic rock, albeit in ballad form. Highly Recommended.

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