Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pilesar - Everywhere Is Beauty (live)

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Want to know something really depressing? Here am I, an older gentleman racing towards oblivion, and what do I have in my mind? When I first saw the title of this, I had visions of acres of gorgeous female flesh stacked up to the ceiling, whereas (on closer perusal) Pilesar's obvious intention was for something infinitely more sweet probably - which says everything about my state of mind. So listen, you younger guys if you think you can slacken off when you get the grey makeover, I'm here to tell you it gets worse. So, anyway, lets get back to far less intractible subject matter young Pilesar is referring to; beauty of a more natural kind, the beauty of the world we live in...

Don't think about women, don't think about women.....

Pilesar is following in a fine American tradition for music of the absurd. His music contains a lot of Zappa, the Residents and Ween influences, as he admits, but ultimately the music that comes across to you, the listener, is pure undiluted Pilesar. Moreover, since he upped and took his show out on the road, as it were, the music has become something altogether different. When I contrast tracks I reviewed when I first met him a few years ago, to the spate of releases over the last year or so, that change is dramatic and shows that the vision he has can just run and run. I've developed a very marked taste for Pilesar live, and Everywhere Is Beauty is a wonderful example of why I consider him so different from just about anything else out there.

Although this track is tagged as Reggae, like most Pilesar ventures, this must be taken with a certain caution. Sure, there are certain rhythms in there that are reggae influenced - especially the sub-ska vocals - but overall this sounds like some 'Whiteboy' trying to do an 'acappella electro reggae' thing. Those words, btw, are from Pilesar himself, I wouldn't dare be so tactless. It sounds like Pilesar having a whale of a time as usual and dragging in plenty of musical ghosts to keep you amused and entertained for the duration. Ponder, for a moment, on the word 'live' Best not, then, expect to get any sound other than rough as a bears butt out of this track. It does, however, show just why Pilesar is held in such regard around here. Lo-fi experimental mayhem let loose live shock horror - VIDEO.

Highly Recommended for the strange at heart

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