Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Four Course Five - Party Over Here

Hear The Track Here

See these eyes?? No, come closer, look deep into my eyes. See how red and sore they are? How bloodshot and jaded they appear? OK, well take that as adequate warning not to click on the website link above until you have donned dark glasses. Should carry a public health warning. Still, don't need my eyes right now, need my ears so that'll give them time to recover. Four Course Five are a new name to me from Mixposure, and list exactly the same influences as me, namely everything. Which I freely admit is a massive cop out because anyone who read a review of mine will know I have definite views about most music. Four Course Five turns out to be ' a 20 year old guy' who got bitten by the music bug a while ago and - like all of us - has been plugging away at it ever since.

It's an addiction, I tell ya!!

There are only three tracks on the webpage and Party Over Here was the one chosen and it's amazing how much of an impression a title will make. Now I've been doing this reviewing malarky a good many years, and I've faced pretty much everything and come to a conclusion alone. Couldn't have done this with Party Over Here, and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, impressions. Until I actually heard it, I though this track was a electronica 'everyone in the house say yeah' thing and I guess that kind of set me up for a massive fall. The track itself is the oddest thing and is worthy of some note because it is , by far and away, one of the most original tracks I have heard in a long, long time. It isn't completely fresh and it brings to mind the work of Bobby McFerrin but by God, this is a treat for the ears. Although you won't be saying that initially...

This track features an intro that is one massive wtf moment. So intrigued with this track did I become that I played it to as many people as I could, partly to watch their faces during that intro, and then when the light finally dawned to savour their pleasure. At first, I have no doubt, you'll be calling me all kinds of aural idiot - especially when the really weird stuff happening (anyone remember jug bands?). Give it a minute or so though, and the actual song kicks in and the smile it will bring to your face will make everything worthwhile. It resolves itself brilliantly and despite the decidedly lo-key, lo-fi approach this track is such a winner, it's shameful. Imagine, feelgood music that actually does feel good. Come on, Mix Radio DJ's, give this guy massive airtime!!

MUST HAVE acoustic weirdness.

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