Friday, February 26, 2010

M J K - Fix Me

Hear The Track Here

Now here's a name we haven't seen for a good long while. Out of the three tracks I have reviewed of this Florida based pop rock artist, NONE have been below a certain very high standard indeed in shows why each of the three gained a Must Have rating from me. Mind you, those tracks were well spaced out in time. The first track I heard was With Me (January 2006), followed by Never Loved Me (February 2007) and This Is Goodbye (November 2007). I started out the review of This Is Goodbye with these words, which I definitely do not say lightly, ' an absolutely knockout singer' writing timely, punchy songs that can be heard time and again without fading. That takes more than just a pinch of talent and production nous and M J K has that and more besides.

It's nice to see that the intervening year or so out of the Soundclick loop hasn't done Matthew (Matthew J Kurz to be exact) any harm, not if Fix Me is an example of what he has been doing with that time. As much as I like what MJK delivers to us puny mortals in the way of songwriting, production and arrangement, all of which is absolutely spotless in every way, the thing that really, really gets me is this guys voice. For sure he is one of the very few REAL singers on Soundclick, that is singers who could transfer what they are doing into a real world situation without so much of a stumble. I've said it before but I'll say it again anyway, it's a crime that someone this talented is not signed up, either to a record deal (as a singer and musician) or even a publishing deal (for his absolutely outstanding songs). Sometimes this world really sucks, ya know?

There are very, very few artists I've met on Soundclick who are able to hit the mark every time, in whatever genre they are working in but M J K is decidedly one of those. After all, even though they stretch now over a few years, four Must Haves out of four tracks is not bad going at all. Yes, that's right another Must Have. But do listen to it yourself because I swear you are not likely to hear anything this well thought out and performed online or off it. Matthew has an uncanny knack of getting right to the heart of the matter from the start, keeping you transfixed throughout with the twists and turns of the song only adding to the pull of the track. Bloody wonderful and no mistake. Oh, and it's almost a ballad and yet I'm still having raving....

MUST HAVE, a wonderful song. Let MJK fix you.

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