Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thomas J Marchant - Sin Of Envy

Hear The Track Here

Sin Of Envy is, apparently, track 02 of a five track EP called Everything I Have Ever Told You Has Been a Lie which looks new to me, although in his News section, Thomas is pushing his Beam Me Up or Put Me Down album which I reviewed a while ago (Ed: November 2009, ya lazy bastard). So forgive the confuddlement but I blame the prodigious way Thomas pumps these little beauties out, it's a little difficult to keep up. It is worth keeping up mind because Thomas is a particularly welcome relief from some of the heavier reviewing moments. Sure I can pull his stuff apart, as well as the next man but I absolutely cannot fault him on his songwriting and style.

S'what makes an Artist Of The Year I suppose...

For a while there in the late 1970's a guitarist first famous in the 1950's played around London, and I caught more than a few of his sets. Link Wray was the guitarist and Robert Gordon was the guy he was playing with. The reason I mention all this in relation to a Thomas J Marchant track is because there is a direct line from the late 1950's American music scene which winds through the 1960's and 1970's and flowers in the late 1970's retro-hillbilly scene the The Stray Cats and others doing the business this time. Thomas has often, probably unconsciously, tapped this very fertile ground and usually when he does the results can be very appealing.

Of course, I am only too well aware that outside the narrow confines of the world we know as Soundclick, Thomas J Marchant will still struggle to find people who like his style. The reason I, and a great many others, like this singer/songwriter so much is because of that style. Truth is, there isn't anyone around who quite sounds like Thomas and certainly none that sound like they are having as much fun as Thomas. What also makes it special is that all-encompassing bar sound Thomas has specialised when he's on this particular jag, which really punches the vocal down your throat in a most effective way. Not ground breaking, not all things to all men but by God what songs, what sounds....

MUST HAVE for fans, Highly Recommended whatever.

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