Monday, February 22, 2010

Cameron Pierce - Scars That Never Show And Never Heal

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Don't know whether it's down to their common Scots heritage (c'ept for the French bits of course) but Canada seems to have a surfeit of Cameron's. Cameron Pierce is one such, Cam's Even Song another and so on. Not that it matters much, just musing. So, Cameron Pierce has been around a long time, starting out on Soundclick many years ago under the bandname of Latmat, turning to his true given name a few years later. The music, however, remains unchanged (although getting harder and meatier as time went on), close harmony vocals, pop rock arrangements and some of the best songs I have heard in the genre. Been a while since I last heard from him mind, Hostage (April 2009) was our last outing and yet another in the long string of Must Haves this musician has received from me.

So yes, I like him (in a manly, musician kind of way).

With a musician of this quality you are not going to go far wrong, especially if good songs are what inspire you. Ever since I first met Cameron he has bombarded me with some wonderful songs (hence the Must Haves). Mind you, I've always been extremely partial to close harmony rock pop ever since the Beatles first made the mould. Funnily enough, the very first Cameron Pierce track I reviewed was an extremely Beatle-ish thingie. He has toughened that sound up considerably in the years since and although he retains a hint of where he comes, his songs are definitely all his own these days. Not sure who exactly he sounds like on this track, other than an amalgam of everything that has ever influenced him - or at least that's what it sounds like.

Straight ahead pop rock is still the chosen field but in sound and production, Scars That Never Show and Never Heal has more to do with modern radio friendly pop than anything else. The best thing about a Cameron Pierce sound has to be, for me anyway, the vocals. While Cameron is not as distinctive as some other singer/songwriters, he brings to bear his own power and nous to create something as professional as it gets. This track has a bit of everything, clangy, jangly guitars, big bass and drums, killer vocals and a chorus to bring the house down. The kind of track you KNOW would be massive if it were ever to get the oxygen it needs to survive. In the meantime, however, I'll certainly be giving it somewhere to rest its head, and I suggest you do to.

Class songwriter in fine form. Highly Recommended.

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