Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neon Highwire - Luminescence EP

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As Neon Highwire are probably now aware, the wait for a review from me seems to get longer and longer every month, so apologies immediately for being a right lazy bastard. Neon Highwire are yet another local band to me, who seem to be playing every venue in my area, but Camden Town has always been a draw for bands - and rightly so. It's a lively area with some of the best music venues currently worthwhile playing in the centre of London and - as I know to my cost - it's a very difficult area to work; the competition is fierce and nowhere more so than on the famed Camden Crawl. I agree with band member Steve Morgan 'went once, didn’t enjoy it'. Yes, you get to see lots and lots of bands but God some of them can be incredibly tedious, especially after an hour or two of endless bombardment.

I think I've already had a moan this month about the variety of EP tracks so we are just gonna get straight into the music. Track One (of six) is Neon Blink that starts the action off with a pumping little track pitched somewhere between ska and rock and considering that Neon Highwire are only a three piece, they kick up enough noise and excitement to be twice that many. About the only thing I didn't like on this track was the mix level of the vocals, and that's probably a personal taste. It seems to me the vocals just miss that cutting edge. Meh. The track itself more than makes up for it though in terms of propulsive therapy and as a more than decent song. Moreover, there is a lot to consider within it's four minutes+ of running time. Excellent opener. Don't Wait changes the direction totally, proclaiming its electronica roots from the getgo and again the song at its heart is strong in arrangement and structure.

By the time you start getting stuck into Creation 4.00, you may begin to realise that you have definitely bitten off more than you can chew. Having lived with this EP for a while I can testify that there is so much here to take in, it's actually going to take months to really get all the juicy bits out of there. With a great cross between electronica and chippy rock, Neon Highwire are a fine example of the health of English music. The problem lies in the health of the English music business whose blindness to the potential of bands like this will be remembered and noted, come the f****** revolution. :) While Luminescence is about as good as it gets for indie bands, it's only fair to say that personal taste WILL play a part in this, but as far as professionalism and quality of content goes, these guys get my solid vote. (Note to self: I have to get out and get a life and go to one of their gigs)

Excellent rock/electronic blend. Excellent English Indie. Highly Recommended.

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