Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pidgeman - In Heaven, I'll Burn

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I don't know about all the fuss concerning Lady Gaga (who has it happens is a wonderful songwriter) but I do know how many red blooded males of my acquaintance would rather salivate over the lady known as Essence. That is the reason why I type this review in handcuffs because I know what exposure to this particular blond does to my writing style and I could get arrested for that, so best play on the safe side. Pidgeman to the rescue then!. Craig Matthews (aka the man who would be Pidge) is a known quantity to me, and his experience and dedication shine through in pretty much everything he does, even if I don't always agree with the particular style. One of his greatest strengths is his songwriting and he can always deliver a good song regardless of genre. Essence, as you can see for yourself, can do no wrong.

Blondes? What can I tell ya?? It's a man thing.

In Heaven I'll Burn brings the lady in to he'p with the backing vocals and she's surprisingly Stevie Nicks about it all and that was.....well.....surprising. Works a treat mind, and that is because of the other blessings of Pidgeman's songwriting style. I know for a fact that he's an English musician but his music has always held more to the American standard of rock than his own homegrown version. I think that's helped a lot to establish him around the various sites we all inhabit; that and his own talent as songwriter, engineer, musician and general bottle-washer and turn the light out when you leave kinda guy. As Pidge says in his comments, this is a fairly standard blues riff, yoked to the man's words and made to sit up and beg.

I have, over the years, got used to this trans-Atlantic approach and can even see how neat it is to re-create it, even if it was unintentionally which is what I figure the case is here. I personally like some of Fleetwood Mac's songs, and even so I don't think my liking for this track has all that much bearing on it, or my obviously slavish devotion to Essence as fantasy figure. As I said before, Craig writes a good song, and In Heaven I'll Burn is right up there with the best of them BECAUSE of the influences I have mentioned. Certainly as an entry point into this musicians work it helps it's appeal, but also because the same influence give it immediacy to your average listener. My only (small) whinge is that I could have done with more of Essence in the mix and not solely on account of my no doubt prurient motives. Better stop now before I get arrested.

Highly Recommended Blues Rock.

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