Sunday, February 14, 2010

333maxwell - The Redemption Of Others

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I readily admit to a liking for all things musically Maxwell-ian. From a definitely understated beginning which gave no clue to the hit monster we had lurking in our midst, I don't think anyone around at the time would have seen where 333maxwell would go musically - least of all me. The apex of that blossoming was, for me, last year where our Max clocked up no less than NINE Must Haves in his own right, and at least a couple with collaborations, all of which showed that distinctive musical nous we have come to know and love. Rare artists are usually the ones in the running for my Artist Of The Year award and - in every single respect - 333maxwell showed that he had exactly what it took. No surprise then that he ran away with the award streets ahead of any competition. Wow, that's all a bit strong and...well flowery isn't it? Fairly gushing with praise? That's certainly what Chas Holman (aka the Max) is thinking right now, and no doubt also thinking that such praise is wholly undeserved. In the words of the immortal Harry Enfield...

Oi Maxwell! Noooooooooooooooo.

Every single person agreed with that choice, and the number of dedicated fans and listeners has demonstrates his rare quality. A highly professional songwriter, an outstanding musician and a dab hand at the ol' production too, what's not to like? So what kind of crap has he slung our way this time? 'I needed to come up with something for a February Gilmore review session' he mutters in the song comments, which had me gnawing at my fist quick enough. Damn, don't you just hate it when that happens. See, the rest of us, struggle to come up with something valid a YEAR and this ******* guy does it on a whim. As I say, what's not to hate? Musically, I suspect Chas and I have travelled similar roads which is why I can understand perfectly where this musician is coming from and his musical roots are firmly embedded in a long-ago Golden Age.

Sounding like a cross between John Lennon and George Harrison, performing what appears to be one of Bob Dylan's forgotten protest songs, you'd have to be thinking this can't be a spur of the moment thing. Nonetheless, I am eminently prepared to believe that 333maxwell made it for exactly the reason stated. Which then proves my opening statements and this whole thing keeps going in a circle. While I am trying to untangle all this, I heartily suggest you make sure you catch up with one of Soundclick's finer musicians and while Redemption Of Others is not as sharp or well defined as most of his work, back off on the reverb eh? Nonetheless, the strength of his music, vocals and songwriting standard will still blow most people away. The one thing that 333maxwell is overwhelmingly good at is appealing to all tastes, and this is a welcome addition to the stable. You had better not, however, be doing this again Max. You can't be blaming me for your tracks BEFORE I review them, it's just not civilized, doncha know?

Highly Recommended Pop Gospel

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