Monday, February 15, 2010

Tedd-Z - The Speliologist

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Considering that I've known Tedd-Z since like forever, it may come as a surprise to know that the man has only ever had two Must Have's from me; and both of those over the last year or so. I guess it shows how ruthless I can be eh? Even with people I've known a long time. Of course, that's what I'd like to think but reality has a way of coming back and biting you, so let me tell you the real reason. Tedd'z (hee) music can be difficult. It can also be middle-of-the-night-flying-mozzie (Ed: Mosquito) level of irritating, the insect worlds equivalent of a Stuka dive bomber. So obviously these are not areas designed to curry favour with fickle reviewers like myself. Mind you, Tedd has never given a toss either way and - because of that - has developed into an interesting, sometimes dazzling musician with a thousand facets, albeit mainly electronic. You may not like all those facets, but at least he's got them.

Not that this is strictly a Tedd-Z track anyway because - according to the song comments - he provides the drums and percussion, everything else is down to MP3 Unsigned musician Liquid. 'Everything else' covers a lot of territory, given the wash of sound that hits you when you crank this up for the first time, that warmth dragged me into the track before I could blink. Hand on heart though, have to say I am somewhat tired of basic electronica, and this does skirt into some dangerous aural territory a time or two, but it's blend of soundscape and/or new age symphonia kept my interest though the initial plays.

The more I heard it, the more I though how apt a Games Soundtrack The Speliologist would be, although it's a bit more Sims than Doom in content and style. Nonetheless, the track managed to keep my attention through a good many plays and that's always a good sign, especially with music of this type. Tedd-Z, of course, doesn't go for yer average beat as we know, and his work on this track is no exception. Considering the oddness of each sound, it's a surprisingly propulsive background for the track. Has to be said though, the beats are the smallest part of this track and if you are a fan of electronica, you should find plenty to like. If you are into throwing yourself into deep, dark, slimy caves of a weekend AND like electronica, this has your particular name on it.

Recommended soundtrack electronica.

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