Monday, February 15, 2010

Absolute Chaos - Falling Asleep

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Although I do review a healthy chunk of Soundclick's enormous hip hop community, like all other genres, I get the same artists coming back for more. Nothing wrong with that, and it's a sort of compliment but it is good to hear something new. Absolute Chaos is a new name to me and Soundclick too I think. He's a 17 year old Miami based rapper, which doesn't surprise me in the least. Not that he's 17, but that he's a rapper from Miami. Judging from what I know about Miami it's literally bursting at the seams with hip hop artists of all descriptions. That's certainly the impression I have gathered over the years I've been reviewing on Soundclick. Take a look at the Miami listing on Soundclick and you'll find fourteen hundred+ musicians and virtually the whole of the front page is hip hop related. Mind you, I have heard some great stuff out of there, so lets see what we have this time...

Not sure whether this is one guy, or whether he has collaborators, although he does say on the front page that Absolute Chaos is 'on every beat'. Now whether that refers to the rap, the beat (in this case meaning beats and music) I have no idea. Whatever, if Absolute Chaos did come up with all the workings of the backing track, he/they did a good job. For my part I like the quirkiness of certain strains of hip hop (think De La Soul) and this is the territory Falling Asleep stumbles around in. Given all that I've said about this musician, you might be expecting something a bit...well....loose maybe?

Must admit I was a bit meh about this track, thinking that I was in for a lo-fi, repetitive rant, or one of those 'girl you make me come' drenched lines the genre is famed for. Nothing of the sort, Absolute Chaos's approach is restrained, sophisticated and not without a certain charm all it's own. I can't say in all honesty that I'm going to be hanging onto this any longer than it takes to review it, but I think about the kind of music I was making at seventeen and this guy has me beat seven ways from Sunday. As we all know, it takes time, patience and a lot of expertise to really make Soundclick pay off in any meaningful way and Absolute Chaos have made a good start of it. So if you have never heard them, now is your opportunity.

Recommended Alternative hip hop.

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