Friday, February 19, 2010

Cam's Even Song - Gist Of Our Times

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After a spate of new name reviews it's nice to get back to a couple of familiar faces. I had this track back to back with JPC (NZ); both are Soundclick veterans and fairly much known quantities to this reviewer. Cam's Even Song was my Artist Of The Year 2006 and he continues to shine out as one of Soundclick's finer musicians and songwriters so I confess I'm a little puzzled why Cam is not present on a lot of the other sites around that would relish his tasteful, professional approach to songwriting. Maybe, like me, the tasks he already takes on precludes any other activity. For those who who have no clue to Cam's Even Song, it's time to attend and testify. Especially if rock pop, infectiously structured and meticulously delivered (albeit in his own inimitable manner) sound good to you. I am a confirmed and dedicated Cam Fan and I heartily suggest you give this musician a listen.

and pick any track too... :)

Gist Of Our Times finds young Cam in a pensive mood, as befits its folk rock listing. It is 'about the brevity of life and our human capacity for stupidity' Cam says, and that is a subject that is bottomless and eternal and very fertile ground for someone as good at putting things into context as Cam. 'Do you know the gist of our times?' he questions, 'can you read, can you read the signs?' all of which is encased in a very propulsive acoustic pop song that - for avid fans - is pure Cam's Even Song at its jovial best. For me, one of Cam's greatest strengths has been his ability to make crazily compulsive music and ally it lyrically to his faith and beliefs. Now that, my friends takes rare skill and Gist Of Our Times is a shining example of what he does best.

While I think I have heard Cam's Even Song deliver stronger songs overall than Gist Of Our Times, there is no doubt the professionalism and sharpness of his musical vision would certainly win over even the most hard hearted of listeners. It has a irresistible rock backbeat, and the way the vocals weave in and out pretty much right out the gate will have your head spinning and your toes tapping. It takes a while for the words to really sink in and yes, it helps enormously to read them (as always with this songwriter), and considering Cam's faith, this is a bit of Christian Rock I can get really enthusiastic about. There again, that's always been the way; actions are what count, words mean nothing.

Highly Recommended Camaraderie for us all.

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