Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - Citrus Monkey (i's Not Alright)

Hear The Track Here

Got this letter from the Big Cheese who owns my butt. 'Oi Gilmore' it says, 'been noticing that you are far too nice to that Fear 2 Stop crew, and that's got to stop. If we have to pull out your fingernails and pound staples into your face, we will do that. Diss them, diss them bad...' Ooookkkk, me hearties, walk this way. Sorry about that (stops to drop a scruffy bit of paper into the bin), just thought you'd like to know something of the darker underbelly of this reviewing malarky. As any other sane human being, I am partial to having my bodily parts actually attached to my body, so I obviously face a dilemma... Do I do the dirty diss, or do I stand courageously in the blaze of adversity and spit in its eye? Finally I decided, being an eternal procrastinator, that I would just wait and see what the Houston horrors had cooked up for me this time... I blame it on the amount of times my Mum told me to wait and see when I was a child.

Just got used to it.

'Inspired by music from my buddy Rob aka DJ Droppin' Billy Castillo advises us on the band's latest Indietronic outing which might or might not be about vitamin C addicts that are a: furry and b: extremely ticked off about something. While I admire Billy for taking inspiration from buddy Rob, I wonder if buddy Rob can hear that in this track. For sure, and being totally honest, what I hear is a classic Fear 2 Stop workout - which I have an insane liking for that might spell trouble for me nether parts. The thing I most respect about F2S is that they do what they do, and leave you to either reach for the sickbag or sit up and take notice. Getting to the point where the little light dawns is a long, slow process with this band and familiarity with their oeuvre helps enormously, and I can't see this track going any way towards dispelling that small local difficulty.

Billy, Dana Castillo and Raymond Proseus (aka Fear 2 Stop) have carved out quite a sizeable niche for themselves on Soundclick for exactly the kind of track you hear here (Ed: hear, hear?) Let me tell you, if you are not a fan of analog sounds - especially leads - better get running right now. The niche this band occupies supplies them by the shedload. On the face of it, I can definitely see plenty of sane, rational people scratching their heads trying to make sense of this music. My advice, don't even try. It can't be done. Learn the lesson many a Soundclick/Fear 2 Stop veteran has learned over many, many years. Give it time to develop and you may also enjoy the enhanced (if slightly wobbly) vision Fear 2 Stop strive for. In other words, this is crap and not worthy of wasting paper on. So, it's a good thing we don't have paper innit?

Highly Recommended for crazies everywhere, but handle with care.

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