Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Black Chamber - Luma In Monochrome

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'And in the end there is love' Black Chamber says of Luma In Monochrome, which btw is a bit of a surprise to me because having reviewed a fair amount of Black Chamber tracks, love hasn't been at the forefront of many. In fact, at the last count it was none. So, has the darkly Alternative extra-odd Black Chamber retired from the normal tales of stalkers, schisms and Generation Zero? Best not to jump to any conclusions with this musician, this is the lesson I have learned. Regardless of what genre he says he is working in, what comes out of your speakers and/or earholes, is not something that can be adequately described, let alone adequately prepared for.

Weirdness rools, get me?

So, is Luma In Monochrome a love song then? Is it ****, unless you happen to be from somewhere far, far away and maybe partake of the music of dog whistles. Although Black Chamber are nothing like as out-there as some of Soundclick's zanier characters, it still takes a hell of a chin to put material as odd as this out there for everyone to take swings at. Funnily enough though, Black Chamber hasn't done too badly in such a short space of time and that's because - despite all the weirdness - there is a musical mind in the back of it. A deranged musical mind, I'll grant you, but a musical mind nonetheless.

At this stage of the game, experimental electronica has become a sort of standard for me, and I can rapidly see whether a track has that essential underpinning and so far, every single one of Black Chambers's tracks have, including this one. I do caution you though, finding it will prove a bit difficult because there are a lot of other things going on at the same time. As BC says in the song comments 'currently the rough version of the song'. Allow me to illustrate; Black Chamber is at the bottom of a 20 foot deep well and his mate is recording the goings on down below on a borrowed, and ancient, Dictaphone. Rough may not quite be the word that applies here. I wonder what the finished version will be like. Will they have rescued Black Chamber from the well by then?

Odd. Decidedly odd.

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