Friday, January 29, 2010

Thomas J Marchant - Baby, You're In The Wrong

Hear The Track Here

OMG!!OMG!!LOL!!WTF!!!! almost ****** up Thomas J's contribution to this months festivities, but like the annoying bastard he his, he promptly emailed me a new butt - the moral of this story being all's well that ends well. Well, until the reads that sentence about being a tad vituperous and/or fatherless. So, let's put some space between these unfortunate events and take a look at what he's come up with this month. For people who have no idea who Thomas J Marchant is, the key words to bear in mind are (in no particular order); lo-fi, songwriter, acoustic, retro and things of that ilk. Being a UK based Alternative musician, Thomas sounds as if he chewed up the entire history of pop, spun it onto its head and is now busily - nay prodigiously - regurgitating it in startling fashion. Meantime fans (like me) just keep on loving that home grown charm that imbues every single one of his tracks, although I have to say that the OVERALL sound hasn't changed in a while.

Oh? Is that a hint before me??

Baby, You're In The Wrong is pure Thomas J, from the corny, bored sounding vocals to the obscure jangles that is the music. If all this sounds as if I'm dissing the boy, you'd be far wrong. Thomas J Marchant was, after all, my Artist Of The Year 2006 and those don't come cheap. Nope, Thomas's very appeal for me, and many others, is in that simple uncomplicated approach he takes to things. When the song is right, the performance is on and the lyrics are bounding through your head like startled gazelles, there isn't a songwriter around to touch the charm and irrepressibility of his style. Having said all that, and regular readers will know what's coming next, I have to say this probably isn't one of his finer efforts even though I have no problem in recommending it for the song anyway.

There's a lot going on in the track, probably a lot more than on previous tracks, and it's definitely making for a much rougher sounding mix and one of the highlights of this musicians output has been his clean, fresh sound. Songwise too, I've heard stronger material from him but I'm ready to be proved wrong, that has happened with him before with his songs. They have a habit of creeping up on you with glacial slowness, or instantly hitting the pleasure centres, and I suspect this may well be the latter. I noticed the song is encased in a shiny new Soundclick genre: Alternative/Shoegaze and I'd say yeah, that's about right.

Recommended lo-fi pop song.

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