Friday, January 22, 2010

Dazed - Desperate Man Feat Bri-an

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Uh oh, watch out, the boss is about.... Dazed has the prime distinction of being able not only to flog dead horses, but to resurrect them into the bargain; breathing life and energy into the almost dead Mixposure name to the point where it is one of the brighter spots on my web. Dazed, like a lot of musicians has lots of different sounds and truth to tell the only thing I could think about whenever this track was playing was Bryan Adams and that just cannot be a good thing. I usually go completely out of my way to avoid contact with the Canadian Crooner because IMO he's about as exciting as cold custard in the middle of winter.

Ewww obviously way TMI...

Like a lot of collaborations, Dazed started the process off, releasing his first version of this a couple of years ago. Then along came Australian musician and songwriter the justly famed Bri-an, who wanted to work on it. Dazed agreed and - as usual - Bri took it and ran with it. Doncha just love it when a plan comes together, it happens more often in collaborations and that - to me anyway - is what makes them such fun to work with. The Bryan Adams thing, btw, is only because Dazed sounds more like him than anything else, the music is the usual hard edged rock/pop anthems he has become known for; why there is even a 'hands in the air' moment so he's thinking about the stage show already.

Desperate Man is one of those kind of tracks, big enough to fill any arena with its rock blast. Not a pretty story though, that's for sure. Desperate men do desperate things and this is no exception, so although it will be a while before the lyrics really register on you, eventually you'll discover the little black heart of it. In terms of input Dazed 'did the acoustic/electric guitars, bass and vocals' and Bri-an ' added the drums, keys and a martin backpacker guitar on the intro and outro and some backing vox'. Loved the Martin guitar sound, but for the life of me couldn't spot the aforementioned backing vocals. In fact, vocals (or more correctly the vocal sound) was the only disappointment with this excellent track. For me, it was definitely of 'demo' quality and the reverb didn't help it any. Seems to me Dazed has a lot of interesting tones in his vocal that don't come out anywhere near as strong as they should. A big problem with music this strong... Still, small change and probably just me being all sniffy about someone elses talent.

Excellent pop/rock song. Highly Recommended track with a message.

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