Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tedd-Z - Silver Spear

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Because the clamour for reviews has increased quite dramatically over the last year, I've had to trim down on the sites where I usually pick tracks up from. Sad thing is that I miss not hearing tracks from those sites (MP3 Unsigned and Popspace in particular) because I have found many of their artists to be excellent, and they don't have a Soundclick presence. Oh well, one guy who does is my old mate Tedd-Z, who I first met back in the day when I was (briefly) a moderator on Ejay's forums. I reviewed a great many of his tracks on that site and even more when he moved to MP3 Unsigned, so I think I know where he's coming from by now. He's always leaned towards straightforward electronica although I have known him to genre-bend on the odd occasion, and - over the years - he has improved in leaps and bounds in production skills (half the battle right there my friends). Still get out Senseless Logic (March 2008) from time to time because it's such a slamming track.

Haven't heard from this guy though since The Pheasant Has No Agenda (October 2009) so it was good to indulge in some Tedd-Z lunacy again. Having said that, when the track first started I thought I had somehow managed to mix up Teddz' track with Pilesar. Serious, have a listen and see. The impression is soon dispelled when Tedd-Z applies a hobnailed kick right into your pleasure centres, and the track becomes a seriously right good seeing to - as they say where I come from. There again, I do like this side of Tedd-Z, some of his more out-there works can be hard going but nothing about the beatfest that is Silver Spear is hard work, unless its all the jigging about it inspires.

If anybody asked me to define a 'block-rocking' beat, I'd feel obliged to point them to this little hammer for the earlobes, then sit back as that stunned rabbit look crept into their eyes. When Tedd-Z gets on his aggressive streak, you can bet that nothing is left standing. As I mentioned before, Senseless Logic had this same all-encompassing sound, where Silver Spear differs is in the dance style the track is set in. Certainly the thing that won me over to Senseless was the absolutely knockout drum and bass groove and the same holds true of this track, albeit in a much more straightforward dance style. Tedd-Z is one of those musicians who has been around long enough to know what he's about and Silver Spear is his hard dance calling card.

Dense as a black hole. MUST HAVE dance electronica.

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