Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - Feral Cat Hate~!

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Not sure what the animal kingdom have ever done to the members of Houston, TX based Fear 2 Stop. When they are not adorning their tracks with pics of animals in strange positions, they are making music about animals in even stranger positions. Let's see, we've had unicorns, chickens, rabbits and, as I say, a whole menagerie in pictures. Still ours is not to reason why, we're just here for the music, right? Welp, better **** off again because the definition of music around Fear 2 Stop becomes extremely elastic. Now, I'm a long time listener to this band, so I am somewhat blase about their charms and I tend to forget that the first response of newcomers to their tracks is WTF and other such vague wtfery...

Personally I find their blend of digital, analog and kitchen sink sounds to be often worthy of a listen, if not a download but I have a well developed sens of the weird - probably installed in me by this very band. Here, for example, one of the main elements of the track is a sample of vinyl sound. Not interesting in or of itself but used here it ratchets up the temptation to scream WHAT? WHAT? at your speakers for defying you to make sense of what you are hearing. Personally, I could have done with a tad more of the actual rhythm in the mix for me to really get this track, but that's a small change.

Fear 2 Stop have never been an 'easy' band, and have contentedly ploughed their own highly individual way through almost 200 tracks in the years they have been on Soundclick. From when I first met them in 2003 until the present day, the way they put things together and verily the sounds of some of those things has become an integral part of their style. That self same style is definitely not for everyone and so Feral Cat Hate - like a lot of Fear 2 Stop tracks - is to be approached with a certain amount of caution; or a certain understanding of what this particular band are all about.

Recommended WTF-ery.

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