Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ron Vogel - I Saw Die

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So far I've only reviewed a couple of Ron Vogel tracks, yet one of them - Just Know Now (December 2009) - managed to sneak its way onto my hard drive (and by extension into 2009's Keepers list). Not bad going for a couple of tracks eh? In both cases, Ron showed that he knows how to write a song, the kind you can (and want to) sing along to. A novel experience in this electronic day and age, especially to someone like me who gets inundated with endless instrumentals. More to the point, rock songs are my special treat and both Blazing (November 2009) and Just Know Now are classic examples of the genre in full swing.

Billed as Psychedelic Rock I Saw Die fills those boots perfectly although, to my ears, the overall mix was a little understated. Or at least that is what I thought until I whacked it up to full volume one day by accident and almost took the top of my head off. And yes, the sad news is that it is also well into prog-rock territory with a distinctive American feel. I have to admit that on that score, I would probably pass on this track but only one a matter of taste, certainly nothing whatsoever that the musician has done wrong.

In fact, musically and technically, this is well up there with the big dogs, especially if you are a rock hound. Great song, good lyrics and a willingness to bend the rules as far as arrangement goes that makes this an enjoyable listen, even if you don't like the style. It's been a running thread through these three reviews that Ron Vogel certainly has the rock goods, he's got the knack with the tunes too so - in my mind - it's only a matter of time before he comes up with something that will make me sit up and beg. In the meantime, I Saw Die is certainly good enough to introduce you to this musician, if you haven't already checked him out from previous reviews.

High Recommended Psychedelic Rock.

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