Monday, January 11, 2010

333maxwell - Two Of A KInd

Hear The Track Here

Chas Holman is a very laid back kinda guy, as you can tell from his many musical ventures (although not all thankfully) so it's a good job he does the kind of laid back that is almost universally appreciated. Take, for example, his more recent out and out 'pop' stuff; highly redolent of a performance from Sir Paul of MaCartney, and with all the musical expertise ascribed to his Lordship. 333maxwell (for it is he) has only just scooped the big one; Artist Of The Year 2009 in my year end review (Ed: aka The Stevies!!) but he's never been one to rest on his well deserved laurels. I'm sure there are some areas around us WISH that he would rest on his laurels a bit to give everyone else a go at the brass ring but...

He has to do it. Compulsion innit??

Obviously the award did do something to him because here he is putting his tuxedo to further use by turning into into the lounge lizard we always suspected he was. If you ask me what side of this multi-genre musician I prefer it has to be the jazz tip, followed closely by his pop stuff. Two Of A Kind brings both of those elements together with a song that would make His Paulness green, and an arrangement that is pure 333maxwell at his best. See, when this guy delves into the past, he goes deep and the resulting track is always, but always, detail perfect. Which kind of makes it hard to review, but an absolute pleasure to listen to and treasure.

Since I first met him with Leads and Lags of Elevators (November 2007) 333maxwell has turned into an absolutely jaw dropping musical monster; track after track of perfect style music. Admittedly, people who are not fans of classic (and class) music wouldn't really subscribe to my euphoria, and definitely not those hordes whose sole wish for His Paulness is a fatwa. Can't think why, he's a nice bloke really. As it is, it goes without saying that I love this because it gives me everything I need from a 333maxwell track, and just points up WHY he won AOTY 2009. I'm sure his many fans will be snapping this up right now too, but I guess you should make up your own mind.

Pop lounge act, 333maxwell!!! MUST HAVE.

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