Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silvertrain - You Don't Feel It Anymore

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We've been talking a lot lately (Ed: we have?) about the general comings and goings in the Silvertrain big tent, and indeed last year was peppered with a few lively collaborations from out of left field - none of which featured founder member Ritchie Allen. That's often the way it goes these days. What these new Silvertrain tracks confirmed that the OTHER founder member, one John Brandon of this parish, was fast becoming competent in areas I bet he never suspected were ahead for him. It's extremely heartening then that all this work is finally beginning to show results and big pat on the back to the guy for sticking with it through thick and thin. There is (as always) a rumour that Ritchie may make an appearance soon but...

It isn't often that John abandons his trusty acoustic guitar but he's gone the whole hog on You Don't Feel It Anymore which is virtually all electronica with the exception of his voice. No one in the loose network that is Silvertrain has had a chance to tinker with this yet and - as usual - it may undergo some changes and re-appear sometime in the future in a fuller guise. As I say, this is pretty much all John's doing and his production skills have improved enormously since the first time he attempted something outside of the trusted and true pop rock field he is happier in.

OK there are things wrong with the track, at least on a technical level - the voice in particular being a problem. The kind of effect being used lessens the deeper tone John actually sings in, at least to my ears. No matter how much I tried to reconcile that, it still stood out like a sore thumb. Nonetheless, we are talking about Silvertrain here so is this a bona fide Silvertrain track and the answer to that is an emphatic yes. All the hallmarks Govn'r. Fill in some of the spaces between what's happening, get the vocals sorted and this will be a very decent track indeed.

WIP (Work in Progress) but beginnings of a good song.

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