Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daniel Eboli - Red Bells

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We last came across Brazilian musician Daniel Eboli teamed up with Larry Ludwick in The Void (December 2009) and I wouldn't count that as being truly Daniel's works - it being a three way collaboration. Thus far I have reviewed three of his own tracks and - given the genres - I have been well impressed. World music is obviously a place where I personally feel comfortable and I think it is those influences, rather than the New Age leanings that he has that keep me coming back for more. He is a skilled musician that's for sure, as any of his tracks would testify. The devil is in the detail and Daniel understands that and does a great job of making it all seem so, so easy...

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Sad to say that Red Bells veers dangerously close to being prog-rock (Ed: is there no end to your pet peeves?) and I admit that didn't sit too well with me, but prog-rock (in any form) never does. That, however, doesn't take into account what Daniel Eboli brings to the proceedings. After all, if he can make me like his New Age-ish things, surely he could do the same with my intense loathing for prog rock? Well, I'm not going to throw my crutches away and go cavorting through the town just yet, but Daniel has managed to soothe the raging monster of my pet hate for yet another day. So, a minor miracle then, yes? Hey, you get it where you can find it, know what I mean?

While a lot of American prog-rock bands still sound awfully familiar in song structure and caterwauling (Ed: he probably means high pitched singing), some of the other non-US musicians are kicking down some doors. Daniel's strength is twofold: as an arranger/producer and as a musician. He is, in fact, the complete package and his tracks show this in every respect. I may not always agree with his style choices (come to think of it, there's always an element of something prog or new age), it doesn't stop me appreciating this consummate musician. Never more so, and believe me when I say I really don't like this kind of music, than on Red Bells and it's blindingly obvious that Daniel is very, very good at it.

MUST HAVE prog rock (there I said it)

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