Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cam's Even Song - Give Me The Snow

Hear The Track Here

Somewhere amongst the thousands of words I have poured over the antics of one Cameron W. Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) I think I probably mentioned the fact that he is of Canadian descent. Listen, anyone who chirps 'I love snow' would have to be Canadian, wouldn't they? As if to throw us off the scent though, Cam also states that this is a reggae song (or African depending on ones interpretation) and 'a change' for him. This mind, from the musician who changes more often than most and never, ever delivers the same song twice. His songwriting skills are almost legendary (at least on Soundclick), here is a musician who can write a song about any subject under the sun and make it interesting and fun and sometimes instructive.

Don't get an AOTY award for nuffink... (Ed: Cam was AOTY 2006)

So, snow. Here in the UK we've been struggling through one of the worst winters since my own childhood (yes I am that old) and we just get a spit of snow, Canadians get the full monty. Canadians know snow, Most Europeans are still trying to sniff it up through their nostrils, so weird is the novelty. Anyway, can't stand the stuff and can't stand the cold either so this may not end well eh? Tell you what though, it's a measure of Cam's style that the instrumentation and delivery of Give Me The Snow would conjure up exactly those images even if you had no idea what the song was called.

Musically this is from Cam's jovial pop side, along with the usual eclectic instrumentation; in this case something that sounds suspiciously like a calliope - and don't get to hear one of them every day. The track is Cam's usual mix of pop and rock and, as usual it has a charm and bonhomie that just cannot be denied. This, I might add, from the curmudgeon of curmudgeons. I don't do happy and I don't do chirpy but I don't mind Cam's brand of this because it's always a beguiling listen, as well as seeing whether he can make snowmen dance and I think this pretty much confirms that theory.

Cam's Winter wonderland. Highly Recommended good, clean fun.

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