Friday, January 15, 2010

Mike-K - I Feel Your Love (Instrumental Version)

Hear The Track Here

First track from Mixposure this month goes to the presently AWOL Saturday Night Rocks DJ Mike Kohlgraf. He's not AWOL on purpose, damn it he loves that job waaaayyy tooo much. Nope Mike has suffered a fate worse than death; his computer/hard drive got fried and he's been completely out of action for a week or two. I know only too well the sting of that unforeseen arrow, and I commiserate with the man and wish him a speedy shop visit. Musicians, we got thousands, nay millions. Good radio DJ's are as rare as hens teeth and what good ones there are have all been snatched by Mix Radio who increasingly look bent on world domination by indie musicians and I see nothing wrong with that.

Before things went all pear shaped, Mike managed to get I Feel Your Love (Instrumental Version) out into the ether. Apparently Mack Sanders (another Mix DJ but not the AWOL kind) is putting a vocal down on this instrumental version, and having listened to the track more times than is decent I'd say he was the ideal vocalist for a track like this. Ahhh, you are thinking, we have to be in Smoothworld here and you wouldn't be far wrong - as you know Mike really likes this style (and has suffered the abuse from me because of it) - and Mack Sanders knows that smooth pulls in the women in droves.. OK, sorry about that, I have just been slapped by my Editor for being such a Richardhead, of course Mack does it because he loves it.

Interestingly enough, this version of smooth didn't do too badly at all stacked against my enormous prejudice. Once I'd had time to calm my fluttering nerves and reassure my brain that I wasn't about to go out and buy a sweater specially made for the 'senior citizen;, I found the track very enjoyable indeed. Don't know about you, but I think Mike has upped his production game by a series of powers because not only is the track technically ideal, it's damn near a perfect jazz sound in every respect. It's that fidelity to the jazz standard, and the relaxed and very smooth way Mike handles all the instruments that kept me listening again and again. Technically, this is one of the best Mike K tracks I've ever heard. It'll be interesting to see what Mack does with it but please don't mess with the sax intro, that's just perfect.

Highly Recommended smooth jazz.

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