Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AllusionkmsjrBeats - From The Club To The Streets

Hear The Track Here

Another new name to me from Soundclick and - as you may have guessed already - knee deep in hip hop beats territory. Anyone who has ever read my reviews will know my views on hip hop and it reflects my feelings about most music. If it gets to me in some way, I can often slide by on minor issues of sound, performance and arrangement. If it doesn't, I'm going to say so and point out where I think it went wrong ESPECIALLY with hip hop because a) it is the biggest scene on Soundclick and the competition are terrifyingly good and; b)I actually do like hip hop. Matter of fact, any damn rhythmic thing will get me going so unless you are messing up big time, I might be considered an easy reviewer.

Key word being might.

For years and years I've been fascinated by the endless 'beat factory' outfits on Soundclick and marvel at some of the truly outstanding ones like Shadowville, Sinima, Anno Domini. These are the names whose plays testify to just how good the market is, each of them has millions of plays to their credit. Now maybe Allusion (in short, ya understand) isn't really aiming that high and is just looking for some collaborations, but those names are the benchmark. So how does from The Club etc stack up? Pretty decently, as it happens and certainly nothing for the musician to be ashamed of. He is working with Fruity Studio and I know how much of a bitch that can be at times, but he's getting a decent sound nonetheless.

Some of the sounds are, to my ears, a bit tame; factory sounds even. Most of the structure comes in the sparse drumtrack, however, and the kick is not loud enough and the clap is way too far the other way. Judging by the flatness of the sound; individually and as a whole, Allusion is someone who needs to delve into Fruity's excellent range of sound processing plugins such as EQ, compress/limit and other delightful (but time consuming to master) goodies. As far as the music and the ideas go, whats happening here is certainly good enough and I'd be surprised if Allusion doesn't get offered a collab or two off the back of this track.

Rough but Recommended hip hop beats.

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