Friday, January 22, 2010

Pilesar - Spazzmaggeddon/Roundgate 13 (live)

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OK, stop that right now. You will do your jaws a severe disservice if you try and say the title out loud, and and even more severe brain strain is you try and say it fast. Not that I would know about that (kicks at imaginary clod of earth) you understand, after all who would be silly enough to ever try something so enormously stupid? It's a well known fact that Pilesar's music does strange things to your DNA, so its an even bet that anything to do with the Experimental Mentalist will probably carry some kind of deviant payload. So, let me just take a couple hundred painkillers and go for a quick lie down while you could.......I don't know, maybe kick at imaginary clods of earth? Who said that!! I have a headache is all and NO I wasn't stupid enough to attempt to say the name, faster, slower or otherwise. If I did, I would probably have a lips. I mean a lithpt. I mean a lifst... OK I mean a speech condiment, ornament, pavement aaaaa nuts...

Amuse yourselves for a minute.

The man who put the P in exPerimental <---see? has been giving us a lot of live stuff just lately and, I have to say, this is the Pilesar I have grown to like enormously; so much so that he got almost half a dozen Must Haves last year because of it. I know I heard the original Spazzmaggeddon but without my trusty machine, I can't access the review - if I did one. You can find the original track here, both are live versions and - for my money - the original still has the best live sound, but the track itself has expanded enormously. It went from an already strapping young tune of some six minutes and turned into a world eating monster weighing in at double that. Some of that has to be attributed to Pilesar's guest on this track, one Mike Sebastian to be exact.

A drum/sax duet is what they achieve and if that sounds weird, you obviously have no idea of the regions Pilesar feels at home in. His principal role is percusionist/drummer/singer/whatever and if you are not a fan of drums (and especially the dreaded drum solos) this is probably something you would do best to avoid. If, however, you like free flowing jazz, musical absurdity and rhythms every which fekkin way, then Pilesar is definitely infecting your DNA and I hasten to inform you that there is absolutely no cure. Mind you, at a hair below fifteen minutes, this is not an easy listen but when has that ever been a problem for Pilesar or his fans.

Live, jazzy improv as only Pilesar can do. Highly recommended head job.

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